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Federico Chiummento

After studying Cinema in high School, I start developing 2D videogames for Smartphone and web browser world. Then I learned more about web designing and creation of websites by working for IT agency.
In the same time I gone deeper in my passion of material-working skill. I started as wood-carpenter an now I enjoy to work with all material I can: From concrete to steel, wood or composite fiber (carbon, fiberglass, ecc). In the past two years I was strongly oriented on creation of bicycles and all kinds of stuff that don't need power from fossil fuel. You can see a panoramic of my works at Works Gallery.

I'm graduating in architecture in Politecnico di Torino. Last years I also enjoyed the Policumbent university bike team, which primar aim is to beat the world human power speed record. It's for me a great experience to learn more about efficiency field!

I teach in courses of Cnc machining at the Open Laboratory of Officine Creative Torino

I work many time per year in modding bicycles/creating them from scratch for people with disabilities with Hackability association.

My future aim is to create a design laboratory oriented on sustainability and opened to everyone.

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