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Woody Cargo

At the beginning of April 2019 this model of Woody Cargo with personalized drawings by the artist Zeno Colangelo, was stolen in Turin, Italy. It was my personal one so if anybody that see that, please, send me an email or Whatsapp on my personal phone: +39 3336395958. Thank you!

Woody cargo it's an open source bike project available for free in this page.

After the creation of Woody I still have a vacancy about a Cargo bike. And why not to build a wooden version? They are not so common at all! So, say welcome to Woody cargo!
The bike is wood made, cutted with a cnc. It is thinked to be builded by almost everyone. You just need to buy the wood and cut it with a cnc machine, available on almost every woodworker of your area or in FabLabs et simila. Then you will need to have basic skill in cutting and welding iron.
The assembling of the bike it's simplified to the maximum and you can find the how-to-build manual inside the archive in this page together with the Youtube video of the construction and assembling at the bottom of this page or directly in my youtube channel, here: Video: How to build it

The aim of the project is to reduce to minimum the ecological footprint of the entire construction but maintening the same performances as a steel bike.
That's why I used multi-layer fenolic glued birch wood for the frame construction and normal cycle component for the rest of the bike. I recommend to use FSC wood to be quite sure that any primary forests will be destroyed to build your Woody cargo!
Because eventually, She would not be so happy at all :-)

The costs of material really depends on which components you will go to mount on it. If you will buy just new brand components it will be cost about 400~500€ (2019 prices). For my personal prototype I spent about that. I would underline that the Internal hub is the most expensive component of the entire bike (120~150€ economic ones).
Otherwise you could also consider to retrieve a lot of used components from broken bikes or from any other source you know to save money and environment. That's possible because Woody Cargo it's all made by standard components and you will not need to create special cycling components, wood frame apart.
The size of the frame allows to be used from people 1.60~1.90m high.

The weight of the entire frame is 18kg about, not much more than a steel frame but it's strong enough to do her job for many years.
The final weight of the bike so really depend on which components you will fit in. In my configuration with box and all the stuff it's about 35kg. I'm sure there are a lot of parts of the bike to be improved to put away some kilos. You will do better than me ;)
All the details of the components and construction are in the pdf manual inside the archive you can download here below.

Download Archive

If you want to take a ride on it, right now I live in Turin, Italy and I would be very happy to welcome you in my lab to check it out my stuff and have a coffee together!
Then if you are not able to build it on yourself but you really want to ride a Woody Cargo, you can contact me at: and we could figure it out a solution.
I could send you a kit with all the parts just to be assembled with normal wrenches and a minimum of competences in bike assembling. Time for assembling: about 4 hours.
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Disclaimer: Builders Laboratories (virtual entity) and Federico Chiummento (Physical person) will not be responsible for any problems or damages caused by the construction and use of this project.

Photos archive

Thanks for Spezialradmesse 2019 team to make me expose my beauties at the large Spezi audience! [Photos below]
The version below is the normal gear version (without an internal gear hub) available in the same archive above.